Another week, another step closer to victory against my war against debt

Another week has come and gone with my pay coming through tomorrow and I’ll be on track to pay off the last bit of debt which will tidy things up before Christmas rolls along this year. With this move towards financial bliss I’ve been looking into the future – although I love my HTC One M8 I’m going to end up giving it to my brother has a present and then purchase an iPhone 6 Plus when it becomes more readily available. I’ve continued to use iCloud because the problems I was experiencing had nothing to do with iCloud but actually with the mobile provider I am with – constant data connection issues being something that has plagued Spark (previously Telecom NZ) for years and only made worse by the fact that they’ve got a frankenstein of a system which is a mixture of Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent where it is a miracle that these systems actually talk to each other let alone function in some reasonable way. Where as Vodafone can easily manage their network based on having it all supplied from the same vendor there is Spark trying to keep what they have going – maybe they would have been better off choosing Huawei and replacing their Alcatel-Lucent 3G setup with a pure Huawei SingleRAN 3G and 4G equipment and use Ericsson software for all the ‘behind the scenes’ heavy lifting required thus avoiding what they have today.

December rolls around and I’ll be outside of the Sky and Spark contract which will make it easier to move providers – I’ll need to keep an eye on what is on offer so that I can take advantage of any possible deals but the one thing I am not going for is pay television again. Right now I’m paying around $60 per month for something that I might watch 12-15 hours worth each week and mainly as a radio playing in the background whilst I’m on the internet in much the same way that you leave the radio on for the dog so that it feels as though there are humans are around. It is a whole lot better value for me to throw Sky out the door and go for a flat rate internet option and grab the $69 mobile plan from Vodafone (Red+ Essentials) on an open plan then combine it with a Vodafone cable option 100Mbps it is looking like a good option. Regarding the iPhone 6 Plus, I’ll buy it direct from Apple on the 12 months interest free offer through GEM Visa that avoids the lock ins with carriers. I’ve got a spare sim card here from Vodafone and tried it with my HTC One M8 – very good signal, fast and reliable connection – a great experience all around.

16th October there is going to be a small presentation and the rumour has it that it will be an event for the launch of a refreshed iPad line up as well as the possibility of an iMac refresh – rumour has it that Apple have chosen AMD to be the GPU supplier and that they’re going to bring Retina display to the iMac line up. How much credence to I give such a rumour? it’s a 50/50 split but given out persistent the rumours have been regarding an Retina iMac being launched I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a refresh in time for Christmas to take advantage of those sales. I’m watching out and next year after getting and paying off the iPhone I’ll start the refresh where I’ll probably go for an iMac first with 256GB SSD given that the bulk of the storage I need will sit in my Drobo device which has 10TB of storage hooked up to my Thunderbolt port. Throw 16GB into the machine, up the GPU with a BTO option along with a faster CPU and it’ll give many years of service without having to worry about a rotating storage device going bad. The big question next is do I go for a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air given that I really don’t need the heavy lifting but at the same time if I get something a little more grunty from the outset then I’ll be covered for a good few years before I have to worry about replacing it in the future. Right now the limit of the MacBook Air is 8GB where as at least in the case of the MacBook Pro I can max it out at 16GB which will be more than enough for at least close to a decade given that even 8GB RAM 3 years after it became the standard is still more than adequate for the vast, vast majority of end users. Oh well, off to sleep to start off another week of fun and excitement at work.

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