From iCloud to Google, iPhone 5S to HTC One M8

Been a busy couple of days as I’ve gradually moved over to my Gmail account and changed the email addresses for the various services and billing to point to my Gmail address as well. Along with the move to Gmail there has been a move to also embracing Chrome which, I have to say, with the bundled adblocker I’m able to surf the web without having to deal with the onslaught of crap that usually gets directed my way. There are however a few sites were I manually allow advertisements to be shown because they not only create good content but the advertisements they use aren’t distracting and as such I’m quite happy with the funds generated from such advertisements going towards the running cost of said website. I’ve also embraced Chrome which has enabled me to keep the bookmark and password synchronisation – the memory usage and speed will improve once Chrome 64bit hits Mac on November this year ( link ) energy efficiency, memory efficiency and CPU efficiency should improve over all which should make the experience a lot smoother. As for the Gmail account – I’m using Airmail for my email client – looking forward to the 2.0 update which I’ve been trying out with the latest beta builds that have been made available – very much a pleasant experience so far.

The phone is going great so far particularly around the audio quality – being able to drive large ‘can’ head phones that my iPhone 5S at times I would put up to full volume and find that it still wasn’t very loud. I’ve also thrown in a 64GB microsd card and then pointed the HTC Sync Manager to the microsd card for music sync where as I’m leaving the internal memory for applications. So far so good. Oh and interesting enough when setting up my phone there is a website registration portion – is offered as a service to be setup if one is interested, I hope that is Microsoft realising that if they’re going to enter the service business it requires catering for everyone – not just those who use your operating system platform.

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