More stuff happened

Well, after disconnecting my stove I find that things aren’t as simple as I expected so I’m having to get an electrician to come in an certify it – I’m knowledgeable enough about electrical stuff to be dangerous but you have to be certified to do the sort of things I did but on the good side I’ve disable (by pulling out the fuse) that particular circuit so it is all safe. I’ve decided to actually replace my old stove with something a lot nicer:


Which will look nice in the kitchen – the great part is the fact that I sold my old Mac mini server and a few other things – going to get it installed on Monday along with getting the other stuff certified by the electrician along with the old stove taken away. Paying off my debt is going well – on track to pay it all off by the end of November which will make life a lot easier.

On the technology front Apple has released new test versions of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.0 – I’m also looking forward to the announcement of the next iPhone which has been rumoured to occur on 9 September but keeping in mind that the announcement doesn’t necessary correspond to it being immediately available so it might not appear at least in NZ until October/November. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing that both Telecom and Vodafone do their best to push the deployment of 700Mhz APT LTE nationwide with Vodafone talking about moving to VoLTE and Telecom is probably looking at some sort of grand unified solution for their fibre and wireless side so that they just one back end for both sides of the business as to avoid needless duplication.

As for Sky, right now I’m going to tread water and wait it out because the cost of cancelling my subscription is going to cost as much as if I were to stay with them till the 12 month contract is up so I’m thinking what the hell and waiting it out then I’ll cancel my subscription and I’ll sign up for ‘Light Box’ which is the TV on demand service from Spark (formally known as Telecom NZ) which will be officially launched 28 August with a price tag of $15 per month which is significantly cheaper than the $60 per month I’m paying now to Sky for their subscription service – truth be known I’d sooner not have to deal with watching television on their schedule but when I come home and at my own pace. When I do that I’ll move to flat rate internet as well – a good VDSL connection, flat rate internet, great 802.11ac router and video on demand service – I’m living the life as they say.

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