Freeze the balls off a brass monkey

Just got home and now in bed with my heater going – warming up my otherwise chilly room (well, it is warmer than being outside) so I’m comfortable here in bed keeping warm; I’ll be back to do it all over again tonight when I go into work to start my shift at 7pm (or there a bouts – I’m not going to push shit up a hill to meet the exact 7pm because to be perfectly frank I cannot be screwed – I treasure my sleep in a comfortable bed as one of lives luxuries I’m unwilling to give up). At work the usual rag-tag of mouth breathers come through but occasionally you’ll get a really nice person who will make ones night; they don’t have to do something special other than have a smile, polite, placing their order without any drama – in other words, the epitome of normality when compared to the sea of sewage that seems to come through the drive thru.

The saga of Nicky Hager’s recently released book has been interesting to watch – many people seemly happy to give their view on the matter even though it seems that not a single one of them have actually read the book but hell, lets comment on television and slam the author because there is some space that needs filling so why not fill it with some bullshit. I’ll go into greater detail regarding my political views but lets just say that his book didn’t influence my original reason to change – it just re-enforced why I wasn’t voting for National. To be honest I think National have greater things to be worried about such as where are they going to get a coalition partner from with ACT and Conservative not even there to crack the 5% threshold and have seats in parliament. I’d say that those two parties might end up siphoning the right wing vote in much the same way that Ralph Nadar split the left wing vote in the United States.

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