More renovations and fun

To keep things interesting today I finally pulled out the old stove in the kitchen – turned off the power, took off the power power switch and then cut the cable. One half of the fable went to the stove and that was pulled out and the other half was cleanly cut off and caps put at the end of each of the cables. I disabled the power supply going to that cable at the power board by pulling out the fuse. Long term I’m looking at getting rid of the divider as well as the set of shelves above it which come out from the wall. The breakfast bar will have to go due to the way that it depends on the divide to hold up the other end of the bench – unfortunately it might end up damaging the lino a bit but long term I really need look at replacing it with something more hard wearing like tiles on the ground instead. In the place of the divider and the bench I’ll put this:


Which can be bought via TradeMe – I’m looking at the 1200mm length one although on the advertisement they can make custom build of the butchers block so I’ll need to get a quote for something that is at least 1600mm long (1800mm might be a better length) with a 600mm width which is ideal although I wonder whether 900mm is high enough because I really think another 100mm might be needed to at least make it ever so slightly higher than the fixed bench. With the length of 1600mm to 1800mm I am able to put my microwave, bench top oven and George Foreman grill. When I eventually replace the kitchen bench I’m looking at something similar to the styling my television cabinet is like which is a basic classic design:


So I’ve got a lot of things in my plate over the next year or so and that doesn’t even touch on the stuff I want to get done when it comes to insulation, double glazing of windows, the building of a small covering so that I can put my clothes on the back porch on an overcast day and able to dry it without too many problems. As for the back yard I’ve got to clean it up – get some giant clay pots and maybe get some seating – just imaging myself on a day off during summer with my laptop enjoying the fresh air and peaceful surroundings.

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