Being given a boot up the ass

Well, once again the government has decided to change things with the licensing scheme in the belief that it’ll magically improve the quality of drivers on the road and thus the requirement from 1 December 2014 will be that you must graduate from a learners to a full licence within 5 years or else you have to re-sit the learners licence again. In the case of me since I’ve already got my learners licence the law is not retroactive which means those with existing learners licences will not have to worry about the law given that their licences will still remain valid until the expiry date as noted on the licence itself. Due to those changes I’m looking at getting a motorcycle licence – I’ll sit the exam before 1 December so then I still get the ‘good old’ 10 years licence but I’ll need to get things sorted out for the practical side of the equation given that a learners requires a practical module plus a theory side. As for restricted and full licence, I’m going to go through the certificate programme rather than sitting the test primarily because I’d sooner get the one on one practical skills being taught to me the correct way rather than muddling through for 6-12 months then hoping that I have everything correct when it comes to test time.

Work is going well so far but I’m getting tired of the long nights, the average pay and pretty much in the same situation almost 4 years after starting. I’m having a look through Seek and TradeMe Jobs to see what is on offer but I’ll need to get my curriculum vitae all tidied up so that is representable to a potential employer. I’m happy to go into retail again but a change in venue even if it has a slight hit in terms of pay would at least make the situation a little more enjoyable than it currently is. Amazing how many qualifications I have particularly useful ones such as the Red Cross First Aid certificate which is quite sort after in the hospitality sector especially when one considers the cost of getting it initially vs. the cost of merely maintaining it with the refresher course.

When I came back from work last night I had a check of my back tire and I have to admit I’m going to have eventually replace the back tire before my next check up because I think eventually it’ll eventually stop holding air but until then I’d sooner save the cash and use it to pay down debt and then when that time comes I’ll have some more room to manoeuvre. I am looking at killing off the Sky TV account once my contract is up but given that the cancellation fee is so close to what I’m paying right now each month I might as well stick with them till the contract runs out – just not worth the drama but then again something might compel me to stay after the time is up. With that being said I need to get out of bed soon to do some banking – I’ll keep a few extra dollars in my pocket this time ‘just in case’.

Still deciding whether I should go to my parents house for dinner or whether I should just hold it off till tomorrow – I know I should go and see the folks but with usual family drama I’m wondering whether it is worth elevating my blood pressure just to keep up appearances. If I don’t end up going to my parents I’ll make sure that I go to the supermarket at or before 6:00pm this time as to avoid missing out on cooked roast chicken like I did last week (and ended up with the consolation prize of pasta). A nice roast chicken dinner with salad would really hit the spot tonight for dinner.

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