Chilling out before work: Renovations to my home

Got to bed last night at a reasonable time (11pm) and it is weird getting up with lots of time to spare before work – being able to chill out, go for a walk around the block, put the de-humidifier to remove the dampness out of the house (it is cold outside, I’m drying clothes inside and thus you get moisture). My dad had a check out of the handy work I did last week when I got rid of the panel heaters, night store and bar heater in the bathroom. No damage was done to the wall other than the usual drama of having two tones; the clean original painting behind the heater and the aged one which has been exposed to ‘the elements’ of day to day living. As for what I’ll be doing now – I’m tempted to strip off the wall paper in the lounge room because underneath it is another layer of wallpaper which is smooth and I’m sure once that is exposed I’ll have a good surface to paint the living room a more subtle colour that is similar to what my sister has painted her interior. Hopefully that’ll be a project I can look forward to during the summer time. With that renovation I’m looking at sorting out my kitchen where the first thing I’ll be doing is getting rid of the oven (which is older than me) and replace the current kitchen layout with something more open planned which isn’t as enclosing when one considers the wall that divides off the ‘kitchen’ from the ‘breakfast bar’ (well, not really a bar given that it is at a standard height for a sitting chair).

When it comes to the kitchen there is a divide which I’d like to get rid of along with the stove; the stove quite frankly is older than I and probably just as inefficient as me running up a hill so rather than it being kept as a glorified bench space I’ll pull it out and reclaim the space. As for the bench top itself – I’m tempted to replacing the bench top with something in the same style as my television cabinet which is a basic style which will be hard wearing in the kitchen along with that I’m tempted to maybe replace the lino in the kitchen with tiles. As for my kitchen, that is another adventure I’m looking at where I remove the bath/shower combination and replace all the lino with a tiled floor and a drainage hole in the floor so that any excess water can go down the drain. As for the shower itself, replacing it with a glass cubical with a floor that allows me to walk from my shower out to the bathroom so it is a single tiered tiled floor rather than the usual situation of there being a divide between the shower floor and the rest of the bathroom floor.

As for the rest of the house, since I’ve got rid of all the permanent heating I’m tempted to look at getting a heat pump and insulation installed in the exterior walls but I won’t start doing that until I’ve stripped back the wall paper, allow the installers to put the insulation holes in the wall and then after they fill up those holes (no bigger than the old 50cent coin). Basic argument I have for the insulation is this – if you’re going to spend a couple of grand getting a nice new heat pump installed then it makes little sense to do so if in the process that the money spent running the heat pump results in the heat escaping out the walls of the house thus heating half of the neighbourhood. Another little investigation so that I can get some pricing done up for that. Then there are the window and possibility looking at getting double glazing windows which should also help. A lot of these are involve a high amount of cash up front but I think in the long term with the electricity saved along with fewer visits to to the doctor (as the result of being sick – cold damp house being the cause) it should end up paying for itself in the long run – it should also help the resale value as well when people see that it is a well built house with all the niceties that make a home that little bit more comfortable.

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