Do I really need this? probably not!

Just going through my expenses to see whether I’m paying for things I don’t really need or use all that much with the first on the top of that list being my SkyTV subscription but the problem is that the cancellation fee is horrific so I’m wondering whether I’m better off just paying the subscription and sucking it up for 5 months or just say “screw it” and pay the cancellation fee. Considering that I get most of what I need via the internet I’m wondering whether I’m just better off getting a flat rate internet connection so I’m going to wait till my 12 month contract is up with Telecom and then evaluating whether it is worth staying with Telecom or moving over to cable internet with a maxed connection of 130mbps and heck, I might as well go fully monty and throw myself on the $69 ‘Red Essentials’ plan which would give me unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1.5GB of data per month.

I’ve completed my move to Westpac and things are going well; paying down the debt with things going well it’ll be all cleared by the end of this year. If the improvements to Westpac’s online banking come to fruition along with an improved mobile banking app for iOS then the move might end up being permanent. With that being said ASB Bank does have its strengths such as branches open on weekends, better online and mobile banking app, the fee’s on their credit cards are lower – the low interest visa for example is $25 cheaper per year. Although I’m happy that Westpac has that deal on I’m thinking realistically that longterm I’ll run back to ASB Bank.

My insurance funny enough for my health insurance won’t be coming out till 14 August, I was hoping that it would have come out on 31 July but the State insurance came out on 31 August which is great because now on I’ll have the there lots coming out fortnightly along with my rent and my life will be made a lot easier with less things to track.

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