Random noise: bits and pieces

As most of you already know Apple has released their public beta of OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ to the public and it is always interesting to hear certain people reply such as those who replied to the Arstechnica article ( link )  with the usual stomach churning displays of ignorance, stupidity and being straight out clueless. I’m all for different opinions but holy rollerskating shitballs there is a fine line between a difference of opinion versus something that is straight out stupid borderline “I’m wondering if this person is trolling the forum”. Take this quotation from the article:

The company’s primary goal with the public beta is to collect user feedback using a simple built-in reporting tool that we’re told will be included with the OS. Apple will evaluate this feedback and take it into consideration as it continues to fine-tune the software. However, don’t think that complaining will get you your old interface back—spamming Apple with “I HATE YOSEMITE” messages isn’t going to help anybody. On the other hand, if you want to tweak the way the new design looks and works, report specific bugs, or give feedback on new features, this will be your chance.

Yet some how those in the cheap seats such as fferitt25 who couldn’t quite work his head around the concept that spamming Apple with bitching and whining won’t magically get them change course – if you want to be useful in the public beta then provide useful feedback with constructive contribution such as “the new feature has been great however I am having problems in ‘a’ workflow when using ‘b’ feature, is it possible to add ‘c’ functionality so that I can better utilise the feature you have added” – how that is useful constructive feedback that gives Apple a real world glimpse into how people are using the new features and changes in the real world in the workflow they have when at the office or at home.

Then another person was whining about how they’ve kept with 10.6 since god was a teenager – honestly, chanting and whining as if he was demanding others in the forum to pat him on the back and re-enforce his decision – that he apparently needs the positive re-enforcement of others about his operating system version choice or otherwise he’ll collapse in a heap and start crying. Really? it reminds me of people bitching about Apple moving from PowerPC to Intel and idiots on Macrumors whining because they went and spend $5,000 on a brand new G5 PowerMac *AFTER* Apple had already announced their transition from PowerPC to Intel. The reaction by some on that forum was as though Steve Jobs had personally visited the poster’s mothers house and punched her in the face – is such a hyperbolic reaction required simply because Apple chose to move from PowerPC to Intel?

Then there is the usual debates regarding skeumorphism and apparently it is either everything is made skeumorphic or there is absolutely nothing in the operating system that has a hint of skeumorphism. What ever happened to this wonderfully noble idea called ‘moderation’? Why not have both? why not have modern flat and minimalist whilst at the same time using skeumorphism where it makes sense – no one of any sanity would expect the little disk to be removed from being used as a save icon given that we no longer use floppy disks so why get rid of tuning knobs because god forbid they look like real world knobs? sure, the faux leather look and torn paper on Contacts and Calendaring looked tacky at best but one doesn’t need to go in the exact opposite direction. Why is it every time there is a conversation we have idiots who take the extreme positions?

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