A very lazy day at home

Relaxing at home and didn’t wake up until late today because, well, it was too damn cold to get out of bed and I just didn’t feel like doing anything more than relaxing all day without having to run around dealing with drama or sorting issues out either financially or with work so it was a good day for me. Funny enough I went out to check the mail, removed the usual junk mail and local rag but no Mastercard Debit card arriving yet – it’ll be as funny as a fart if by next payday I haven’t received that or the new credit card because it’ll be the quickest account opening and closing ever recorded.

Went off to Pak ’n Save and it was one of those nights when you’re hungry but can’t work out quite what you want to eat – everything I thought of came off as ‘meh’ or ‘oh, I guess so”. In the end I played it safe and had a pasta dish with tomato and mushroom sauce then I treated myself to a sticky date pudding for desert with butterscotch custard. I can thank Sara Lee and Puhoi Valley for making my life a whole lot easier because honestly I can’t be figged trying to do a sticky date pudding myself let alone the fact that given that I haven’t baked anything in my house yet the purchase of ingredients (flour, egg, milk, baking powder etc) would be more expensive than the one off purchase of a pudding that just needs to be heated up in the mini-oven I have. A nice bit of comfort food for a cold and rainy night but funny enough I left my washing on the line once again – two days raining with a third not exactly going to cause any more than the first two – maybe I’ll get lucky and wash it (again) then bring it over to my parents to get dried in their clothes dryer.

Just reading through the forums regarding the latest beta release of iOS 8.0 and OS X 10.10, and to be honest I’m pretty damn excited particularly with the movement forward in terms of developer features such as new frameworks and the launch of Apple’s new language called Swift which (to paraphrase the Apple engineer) takes Objective-C and gets rid of the C and all the parts of the language that make it overly wordy. What is interesting isn’t just the new blog that Apple engineers are using to communicate with third party developers but also the attention to features which bring iOS and OS X communicating with each other so that they can leverage the benefits of having both an iOS device and a Mac computer.

Just having a look through the latest rumours around the new Apple products and how delays by Intel are putting a spanner in the works but that is coming as a result of the decreasing size of their manufacturing process – something that TSMC, Samsung, Ti and others have all struggled at so it is hardly surprising that Intel is having some pains in the transition to 14nm in the form of Broadwell micro-architecture. To be honest I’m more interested in the skylake micro-architecture that’ll bring to the mainstream DDR4 (which in itself will bring reduced power consumption, higher memory density) along with Thunderbolt 3, PCI Express 4.0, improved GPU architecture that’ll drive a 13.3” retina display without any problems along with AVX and memory protection extensions to name a few. According to rumours there will be a release to manufacturing around the end of 2015 and maybe the beginning of 2016 but that is very much dependent on how things go with broadwell. Maybe that time we’ll see the next generation of AMD and nVidia GPU’s along with retina displays from top to bottom for all their product line up – when I upgrade I’ll probably either sell my computer or maybe donate it depending on how charitable I feel at the time.

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