Freeze the balls off a brass monkey

Just came back from the airport store an hour ago – damn it was cold and miserable with the roads getting a little icy and combined with the windy night I had to take it carefully as I almost went into the side of the roundabout but I was lucky in that I slowed down just in time (not too aggressively) and then straightened myself up. The car behind saw that I was having trouble in the windy evening so they held back till I got my bearings all sorted out because I was being blown everywhere. That is the first and last time I go out there again; it is cold, miserable and it costs a small fortune in terms of petrol.

I had a look at the fees with the Westpac kiwisaver and I’m going to stick with ASB because long term I’m going to keep my account open then once my credit card is paid back I’ll go back to ASB and close off my Westpac account. End of the day the only reason why I went with Westpac was to give myself breathing room of 0% for 12 months and once I’ve taken advantage of that I’ll then close it off and move back to ASB where I can go with the original plan of having a low interest ViSA card.

I’ve got Tuesday and Wednesday off from work so I’ll head around to my parents home for dinner and thursday I’ve still yet to decide – probably chicken wraps with lots of lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and ‘rocket fuel’ sauce – omnomnomnom. Depending on what time I get up I might go and drop in and say hello to my boss but if the weather is atrocious (like it is now) the I’ll avoid going out and might get a ride to my parents by them picking me up as they come through Lower Hutt as they’re driving home from work.

Apple has released OS X 10.10 Beta 4 and iOS 8.0 Beta 4 – their public developer preview is apparently going to be launching half way through August. Looking forward to iOS 8.0 particularly centred around improvements to webkit which will feed into the many applications that rely on it for their rendering needs. iTunes has had an update as well – hopefully that’ll mean that Apple is going to clean things up because right now it doesn’t look all that pretty particularly when dealing with large libraries of music which in my case is around 200GB inside not to mention that a large number of the albums are gapless which adds a new layer of complexity to the mixture.

Oh, finally got the power bill for the month; I was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised when the bill $206 and that included running the heater for at least 18 hours straight. Oh well, only a 1-2 more months like this and then I’ll be back to the usual billing cycle of $50 per fortnight as I’ll no longer have to run a heater. On a positive note I’ve been looking through the idea of retrofitting some wall insulation primarily because if I end up moving to get a heat pump installed the last thing I want is in the process of getting a nice flash heater I find that the heat just disappears through the walls. I’ll need to investigate first of all the types and secondly the cost along with whether I can get a special grant from Energy Wise which might offset some of the cost.

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