End of the week? lol, good one mate!

Just as I thought my day had ended and my weekend begun the ominous sound of the phone rang – a complaining customer? a crew member who is sick and cannot come in? nope, my weekend coming to an end or more correctly never actually getting off the ground. I’ve been called to do a shift out at another shop because of their consistent lack of managers to cover shifts (and the stedfast refusal by said store manager to do anything more than Monday to Friday or god forbid him actually answering the phone on the weekend (one questions why pay and give someone a store managers position when one isn’t willing to accept the responsibility that comes with it) hence the situation that exists today). So I’ll be heading out there to start work at 4pm so I’ll need to get up by at least 1pm so then I can first of all head to the bank to sort out some odd bits and pieces then head off to work – kind of annoying that I have to start at 4pm given that I won’t be out till 2am at the earliest (assuming all goes well in terms of stocktake).

Just had a check of my power account and it appears that the bill for the month is generated the day after the end of the billing cycle – hopefully I’ve slid under the radar and it won’t be too expensive given that it has been damn cold recently and thus I’ve had my heater on for longer than usual.

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