Another day another pay

Damn tonight was boring, it was like watching the ice melting channel crossed with the grass growing channel – bugger all customers, too much product having been cooked before I arrived thus meaning for the whole time there we were working through the existing stock. Honestly, I wished the crew rubbed a few brain cells together and cooked less but more often as to avoid having to move heaven and earth to get something resembling a respectable raw waste result for the night.

I rang up IAG on the morning of Friday (last night) before heading off to sleep to find out what was happening; I owed some money due to the first payment not coming out of my bank account but since I cancelled my policy and the payment was due to come out on 20 July (which was a Sunday) I was wondering firstly whether the payment would come out on Friday or Monday since the payment can’t come out on a weekend and secondly what the new amount will be given that I’ll no longer be paying from June 20 going forward (basically I’m only paying for a month worth of coverage from the time I bought my scooter). Basically the long story compressed into a single sentence is that I no longer owe them any money since I cancelled my policy – I’ll be checking up post 20 July (half way through next week) to see whether that is the case – I don’t want them sending me a letter whining that I haven’t paid them and that they’re going to throw a paddy over it (I’ll point them to the person told me that I owed them no money since the policy is closed off).

Hopefully next week my Mastercard Debit card and Mastercard Low Rate credit card will arrive in the mail – I’ll need to head down to the bank to load a PIN onto it but I was thinking when I loaded the PIN onto the bog standard EFTPOS card that I’ve been using the same one that I was given when I was living in Australia and banking with Bendigo bank. With the online banking at Westpac it is pretty basic at best but from what it appears their existing system is pretty limited and they’ve developed it as far as they can and September 2013 they announced a $15 million investment which probably included not only front end but also bank end changes – moving completely to Mastercard for Debit, Credit and EFTPOS (Cirrus) which would have required a whole change to the back end, then working to develop their web front end with new applications for iOS and Android – they’re already beta testing the new online banking which apparently will launch towards the end of this year which (from what appears is built from the ground up on an entirely new platform which explains why they’re adding existing functionality as well as new functionality that the old system didn’t have). I guess it lesson to learn for future businesses thinking of getting a presence on the web – make sure you have a system that is expandable which enables one to cater for new demands in the future.

Just rocked out to check my letter box just then – just a letter from ASB confirming the cancellation of my home contents policy through them. Hopefully next week the debit card will arrive and I’ll rock down to the bank; throw some cash onto my credit card and then get my PIN sorted out for the debit card – might even give it a test run either at the store or online at the iTunes store. Oh well, lets hopefully keep everything going in the right direction – off to sleep I go then back to work tonight at 8pm for more fun and excitement.

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