More good news: things are progressing well

Had Westpac ring me up and everything is all approved and going ahead with the balance transfer and hopefully in the next couple of days my Mastercard Debit card will arrive in the mail which will enable me to make a payment to SkyTV. The information from State insurance has come through and everything is good when it comes to the premium each fortnight with the great thing being that my health insurance, scooter insurance and contents insurance will all come out on the same day every fortnight rather than the mish-mash of different payments on different days which leads to a tonne of confusion on my part. Another great thing that’ll paid for will be the VDSL 802.11ac wireless router (Huawei HD659b) which is all paid it – set me back $170+GST (around $200 incl. GST) thus my internet and mobile phone bill will go back to $105 per month. My power bill however is going to be nasty based on the fact that I left the heater on when I went to work – on the plus side I had a nice warm house but on the downside I fear that the bill I’m about to receive on 21 July isn’t going to be good. Oh well, I’m now $300 in credit with the energy company and hopefully the bill doesn’t gobble it all up – it has been colder than normal so I’ve had to have the heater on for longer that I have had in the past.

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