End of my tether: Looking at moving banks

Just at the end of my tether with my bank (ASB) these days. I had a small balance on my credit card I wanted transferred over to the new low rate VISA card – I don’t want something special but just the bog standard interest rate on the transferred balance but alas they don’t transfer balances and thus it would be treated as a cash advance. Then the latest fiasco was the amount of money that was supposed to come out of my account for insurance where I changed the details based on the fact that I had bought a new scooter (the Aprilia Motard SR50 which set me back $2899 including GST and on road costs). In the past what normally happened was that if I didn’t have the necessary amount of money in my account the transaction went through but was charged $5 at the end of the month for an non-arranged overdraft which I’m ok with paying. 20th June came and gone with me wondering, “oh well, I guess I misunderstood how much was going to come out” thus two weeks past (I have to admit I’m stunningly lazy when it comes to checking my mail – if it is urgent then drop me an email otherwise a the snail mail box might as well not exist).

Fast forward two weeks after I was supposed to have the first payment to come out and I receive a strongly worded letter from IAG claiming that I’m $122 in arrears and thus I have to make sure that the cash is in my 01 account on 20 July so that the payment can be made. Now, to add insult to injury I went back through wondering what had gone wrong at the time – and the real kicker, charging me a $20 dishonour fee. Sorry IAG/ASB I’ll show you a dishonour fee by cancelling the insurance so then you get no fee – feel dishonoured now with a few dollars less cash coming in? Oh, I’ll pay the $122 I owe them and then I’ll play the proverbial pinball as I bounce from Westpac to AMI and getting everything setup before closing off my accounts with ASB.

I’ve always been one to be reluctant about moving banks – I tend to be a person who builds up a mighty fine rut and stays there through thick and thin because you know, “it could always be worse” and “grass is not always greener on the other side”. I’ve stuck with Telecom NZ not because they’re the best but because whilst other ISP’s go up and down like a yoyo in terms of quality the experience I get with Telecom is like McDonalds – never spectacular but always allowing me to do what I need with minimal fuss and bother. I’ve stuck with Mac’s and i-devices because even though they aren’t the most customisable and lack a phablet sized screen I’d prefer something that actually works rather than something that appears to be great only to find that after a few weeks of using the phone that I wish to tear my hair out. Same thing with a bank – with all the BS involved with moving from one bank to another then having to tell all the bill payees of my new account number etc. it can be a pain in the bum. Putting that aside the move to AMI will mean that I can pretty much put $510 into my bill paying account then the rest into my credit card then channel all my bills to go through there so that there will always been credit there to pay the bills and I avoid the fiasco of a transaction not going through due to lack of funds.

Oh well, I have my alarm set for 10:15am so I’ll be all fresh and ready for my day of fun and excitement playing music banks account opening – hopefully the Westpac in Lower Hutt will allow me to access my ASB online account so then I can print off bank statements along with logging into Affinity Logon so then they can also see the pay slips directly from my employer. I’ve had a good look at what is required so hopefully by this time next week I would have moved on – AMI and Westpac here I come.

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