Only three more days to go

Only three more days to go and then I have time off – time to head into Wellington to pick up a bottle of oil for my scooter but from what it appears so far it doesn’t use much oil. I’m tempted to purchase some from the local petrol station but I don’t want to risk damaging the engine by getting some different kilt to what is in the scooter already – maybe mixing different kinds of oil might have screwed up the engine royally on my old scooter which led to it’s premature death. Oh well, best to play it safe and I’ll pick it up on Monday.

A host of updates came through on the App Store came through for iTunes, MarsEdit and OmniOutliner Pro – minor updates but it is good to receive regular updates if for no other reason that it reminds us customers that they’re still looking after the products by fixing up bugs as they come across them.  On the topic of App Store the local Petrol station ‘Z’ has a special on two $20 iTunes vouchers for $30 (save $10) which is a pretty good bargain – so if you’re looking at getting a piece of software for $120 the actual cost will be $90 thus saving you $30 – not too bad IMHO. So far the App Store has been pretty good so far and if the App Store for IOS is anything to go by then maybe we’ll see Microsoft start offering Office 365 via the Mac App Store as well – make things so easy for the average Mac user that they’ll sign up for a copy of Office 365. For me I’m pretty happy with Pages, Numbers and Keynote especially now that I’m no longer at university I don’t need the bibliographical functionality that comes with Microsoft Word nor do I need the seamless compatibility required when handing in the electronic form of my essay (goes through a special plagiarism checking software).

Looking forward to seeing Apple launch the iCloud drive and the simplified model for storing files in the cloud – sometimes the simplest way of doing something is the best way of getting it done. Far too often there is a tendency by software engineers to over engineer a solution that looks sexy but in reality it is like a German tank on the eastern front – gorgeous engineering but completely impractical in reality.

There was some commotion made about the fact that Apple complained to the FTC regarding Google and its own ‘In App purchases’. All I can say is this; if the FTC are going to give Apple a telling off and a fine then the conclusions reached regarding ‘in App purchases’ should be applicable to all vendors – not just Apple. If you’re going to have a regulatory body then it needs to enforce those rules across the board on all businesses in that industry and not just the ones who happen to ‘high profile’ or the ones who get targeted by whiners looking for money to be thrown there way – aka dopey parents who blame others for not baby sitting their kids for them.

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