Back to the daily grind

Back to work on Thursday and I’ve now swapped so instead I do close on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (overnight 10pm to 7am), Saturday and Sunday with my weekend being on Monday and Tuesday. Although it isn’t ideal it does give the other manager more flexibility particularly when one considers the fact that the cost of travelling in and out of Johnsonville is quite expensive on public transport (train into Wellington then another one from Wellington out to Johnsonville). The big mystery is the new store that is supposed to be opening yet the site where it is supposed to go has had no activity which leads me to question whether it’ll be up and ready before the years end or whether head office has had to go back to the drawing board. Oh well, what ever the case maybe it is great to have an extra pair of hands helping out because we need to hire more crew and start pushing some of the more established crew into the position of hourly managers so that there is a long term back up plan incase the old proverbial hits the fan.

Might as well hold off on the technology in review to next Monday or Tuesday – said everything I wanted to say on the last upload so I might as well get back on schedule next week where things will be better organised now that the schedule at work isn’t jumping around left, right and centre. Next week I’ll give a review of my Huawei HG659b VDSL modem/802.11ac wireless router  and how it is performing after having it for over two weeks. I’ll also talk about the latest preview release for iOS 8.0 and Yosemite along with a few other topics. Honestly I do hope that Apple does release at least a larger phablet iPhone because goodness knows I’d like to have a bigger screen particularly on those long and boring nights at work and I need something to read to keep myself occupied or otherwise I’ll get bored out of my mind.

Gradually working through the 11 season of MASH that are available online – up to Season 6 Episode 10 (watching right now) and once all that is done I’ll move onto watching all the Cheers and Wing’s episodes as well along with some of the oldies comedies that are available online. Not that I’m going to start the usual ‘wrong legeneration’ meme but time seems to be a pretty good filter to remove some of the atrociously bad sitcoms in favour of what remains – those which stand the test of time because of the timeless quality of the material (one of the reasons I love ‘Keeping up appearances’ and ‘Are you being served?’).

Next week is pay day so I’m looking forward to throwing more money at the power account and internet account but alas a screw up with insurance payments will require me to get things sorted out and pay what I owe but once that is sorted (along with the OPSM VisionPlan) things will be a lot better organised although it’ll be interesting to see what happens with with the Telecom LTE 700Mhz launch which according to this article ( link ) will be part of a five year plan so I wouldn’t be surprised if they focused on getting LTE 700Mhz out to the rural areas first and then working in from there along with getting their 1800Mhz support improved in the more built up areas but that is very much dependent on the terrain with the 3G being still the dominant technology used considering that on Telecom they use 850Mhz with maybe a splattering of 2100Mhz for good luck so it’ll interesting times in the future.

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