Almost there with the video and other stuff

Finished the video for ‘Technology in Review’ and I’ll be uploading it Thursday but everything is going well so far – if everything goes according to schedule hopefully the HG659b modem will arrive either Thursday or Friday morning which will make my life a bit more pleasant for all concerned when it comes to Wifi signal and network speed. Whilst waiting I did a clean install of OS X by downloading the slipstreamed build of Mavericks which includes the 10.9.4 updated merged into it – everything is going very smoothly so far with 10.9.4 and none of the apparent ‘crashes’ that some on ‘Mac Rumors’ claim to have been experiencing (side note: if you’re going to complain about crashes about about being useful to the forum by actually providing some information about your installation or otherwise you just come off as a whining wanker with no interest in finding a solution).

The good side, I’ve thrown $100 into my power account this fortnight and $100 into my telephone one, threw some cash at my debt and if I play my cards right this week and next I’ll scrape through with a few dollars to spare. My power account is something like double what it normally is but buggered if i am going to have a cold house so I keep the heater on in the hall way, close off the kitchen and keep toasty warm during the winter rather than sacrificing warmth and health to save a few dollars. Honestly, in the past I tried to save money by being a cheapskate but basically ends up coming back to bite you in the ass later on by being sick, more time off from work and then having to visit the doctor.

You know when all hope is lost when the following is posted on Yahoo’s website: ‘OS X Yosemite Preview: Apple’s Windows 8 Antidote’ ( link ) – this is why Yahoo is being increasingly less relevant. I’m no fan of Google but for Christ sake there is a good reason why anyone under 30 doesn’t touch that website with a 40 foot barge pole let alone read the so-called ‘articles’ put on their website. I don’t know where this author has been but Apple most certainly doesn’t need to ‘play catchup’ to an operating system that has been the political equivalent of ‘wedge politics’ in the IT world which has divided end users between the 10% of users who cheer at anything Microsoft creates (imagine the guy with the Zune tattoo) and the 90% who just want their damn computer work and wonder why Microsoft turned the world on its head when everything was working wonderfully in Windows 7 (why fix something no broken). So the idea that Yosemite is playing catch up to Windows 8 is assuming that Windows 8 is a rousing success story and Apple needs to fix up its own operating system by lifting ideas off Windows 8 and making such ideas as their own. Small problem there sport, Microsoft is throwing their Italian tank (1 gear to go forward, 5 gears to go in reverse) in full speed to back up and reverse their decision of creating a grand unified interface that spans from the smartphone to the laptop, desktop and then to the workstation – their vision is now to adopt the blatantly obvious – shared frameworks with a unique UI for different form factors because, to point out the blatantly obvious, you cannot have a one size fits all solution because in the end you make no one happy.

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