VDSL2 modem/router hell

Well thinking I was a smart guy I upgraded the firmware on my Draytek Vigor 130 (mentioned on a prior post) and thought that everything was going great so I went back to check the Draytek NZ website to see whether it had been updated to point to the new firmware (I downloaded the upgrade from the US Draytek website) which it hadn’t so I went to the US website to see whether it was still there – it had been pulled. So I thought to myself, “oh, maybe they’ve found a show stopper bug, maybe I should go back to the tried and true version” – famous last words. So I download the previous version and downgraded back to the original one I had installed and thus my whole modem died on me – nothing I could do would restore it. I turned it off and then turned it back on then I tried reseting it and also I tried turning it off over night then turning it back on to come back an hour later and nothing has happened. My modem has died.

I’ve gone back to my original one I received from Telecom which is the Huawei HG630b:


It works but it is bare basic at best – only 2.4Ghz Wifi which is horrible given the area that I am in, 100mbps LAN ports etc. where as the HG659b which will arriving has gigabit LAN ports and most importantly it is 802.11ac which according to the Wifi Alliance it was certified 25 March 2014.


The 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz capabilities can be setup to work concurrently or separately which is what I’ll be doing as I did with my old Airport Extreme – since my house I’ve got a pretty small house I’m able to get pretty good converge with 5Ghz with the base station located onto of a bookshelf in the living room which gives enough coverage for the whole house (even able to go through walls without much loss of signal). It will be arriving in 2-3 days and my Airport Extreme Base Station I’ve donated to the ‘need more signal downstairs’ charity that my brother has because that the current Airport Extreme at my parents house upstairs isn’t reaching to either my dad’s study or his bedroom. Rather than selling it I’d sooner a family member have it instead – I guess that is one of the reasons I moved away from using TradeMe because the cost of selling is so damn high and the amount back is so low it just simply isn’t worth it these days.

Regarding the ‘Technology in review’ – I’ll upload a video tonight; I’ll try to keep it straight to the point but lots of interesting stuff has come and gone over the week – from the OS X 10.9.4 and iOS 7.1.2 updates through to the Android excitement with the Google announcement regarding the future of Android in reference to the replacement of Dalvik called ART which will replace it in the next version of Android called ‘Android L’ along with creating a product that is an answer to Apple’s CarPlay – and to be honest their response is kind of sad when Apple’s answer is “lets come up with a standard” where as Google says “everything needs to be Android” (isn’t Google sounding a bit like the Microsoft of yesterday when everything had to run Windows or otherwise their ‘mission’ would be considered a failure?). Oh well, as they say, watch this space.

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