Updating the update

Yeah I know, I was going to make a video but I’ll hold it off till Monday or Tuesday night – lots of stuff from work just came at me like an avalanche so I’m now enjoying the night at home whilst my heater going full speed to heat up the house (wondering whether I should get a second one although that’ll make my power bill go through the roof). On a good side ‘end of week’ was pretty uneventful – nothing strange in terms of the stocktake which is a nice change from the usual running around trying to work out why transfers haven’t been entered etc. The night was pretty quiet but I think that has more to do with the fact that that it is a very cold evening with most choosing stay at home and ordering in some pizza for delivery or having a home cooked meal of comfort food.

Just upgraded the firmware on on my Draytek Vigor 130 to – noticed no difference but thought “well, I’m bored I might as well upgrade” and everything worked as expected. The current configuration is working well; Airport Extreme Base Station 802.11ac operating in bridge mode with the modem itself running the DHCP server and giving out the IP addressed for the networked devices (I’ve tried to set the modem up in bridge mode so that the Airport Extreme Base Station did the authentication and running the DHCP server but I’ve found that UPnP and NAT-PMP couldn’t work with that configuration – Transmission Bit Torrent couldn’t transverse over the network and create a tunnel from my computer through the router then out to eht network as Bit Torrenting requires an open port for downloading and uploading).

Aperture and iPhoto have been officially killed off with the launch of Yosemite own built in Photos which makes sense given that what was bundled with iPhoto and Aperture in terms of frameworks have now been merged into the base operating system for third parties to take advantage of. You’d think that this was awesome – photo functionality is now standard with the operating system just like it is with iOS but of course the whiners came out finding the negative side of something that most would consider positive (it would be like finding the negative side of a chocolate bar that had zero calories and tasted the same as the higher calorie chocolate). What is even more mind boggling is the degree of ignorance such as how RAW support is added to OS X or the jumping to conclusions about the new photo application before the final version has even emerged let alone a reasonable side by side comparison between Aperture/iPhoto and Photos. Oh, and on schedule the usual suspects bring up, “oh what about how Apple wrecked Pages, Numbers and Keynote” whilst they deliberately ignore the functionality being added back in after rebuilding said applications from the ground up.

Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compresor were all updated off the heels of the official announcement that Aperture development would cease – unfortunately I’m still waiting for Apple to finally pull finger and turn Compressor into a 64bit application because right now it is still very much a Quicktime powered application which is kind of depressing. I am hoping though with the world that is being done with AV Foundation and the adding of more functionality that is present in Quicktime but not in AV Foundation (see the pre-release documentation on the AV Foundation changes introduced in Yosemite). I think some time in the future we’ll end up seeing Quicktime eventually killed off when AV Foundation over takes Quicktime in functionality – there will be a single framework that’ll span from iOS to OS X for developers to take advantage of.

iOS Beta 3 is apparently coming out some time in July but I have to admit I’m more keen about how the 700Mhz development of LTE in NZ is taking now that the auction has run it’s course which should be soon we’ll see LTE networks being tested then maybe some time in 2015 (once there is wide spread handsets and hardware) a gradual role out of LTE services which also raises an interesting question when it comes to VoIP and whether the carriers keep 3G around simply for voice and then funnel everything else through LTE rather than investing in a whole heap of VoIP infrastructure. It’ll be interesting to see whether the iPhone 6S/6C (or what ever they’re going to call it) will have 700Mhz LTE support for the APT standard because it will be kind of crap if customers have to wait a year after 700Mhz is launched in NZ before the iPhone properly supports the standard.

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