Disposable fashion, the environment and classical styling

Just watching television and there was one of those small segments/promotional ‘interviews’ – the company wasn’t all that interesting but the point being made was – the idea of disposable fashion that comes as a result of ‘flash in the pan’ trends which end up looking ridiculous if worn 6-12 months after they’re first launched. Part of being ‘environmentally friendly’ isn’t simply about having an organic toilet, hugging tree and owning a hybrid car. Reminds me very much of a person who was building an environmentally sustainable house – it wasn’t just about building energy saving features but also building it so that it lasted and styled in such a way that it wouldn’t look out of place in 10, 20 or 30 years time. On reflection of that when I think of fashion I tend to err towards the more classic designs; simple straight cut, minimal fanciness although I have to admit I have a weak spot for long coats such as this:

003790 01

Which tend to suit me better as I have a larger chest and a long torso which ends up making me look top heavy when wearing a traditional sports coat/evening jacket when at formal functions. Hopefully once I’ve got the weight off and some money put aside I’ll purchase a coat like the above – something that’ll go nice with my black pants and shirt that I wear.

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