Another weekend and more washing to do plus more

Went to my parents house for dinner; two weeks after starting my diet and my parents are noticing the change already – just doing small changes; no fried food, no sweets (Chocolate, sweeties etc) and keeping track of calories with the benefits being slightly looser pants and shirts. I’m aiming for that long term plan of 0.5-1.0kg per week (give or take). The other thing that’ll help will be making life easier for my 50cc scooter – hopefully it should help reduce the petrol usage as well; a win-win for me (health), my wallet (saving petrol) and the scooter (less stress on the motor). One thing I ensure is that it doesn’t turn into a cycle of bloody misery by ensuring that if I do have a treat on occasions that I have a look at the calories and sugar – in the case of me I have a soft spot for the Dollop Deserts, namely the Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel which works out at around 200 calories (has the consistency of seameal custard).

I was having a look at a video of Germain Greer having a good old whinge and whine in an interview (from fifteen years ago) about how women in politics very rarely stand up and break rank – that they turn into faces within political parties to prop up the numbers rather than being an actual voice. Switched over to NZ parliament time and from what I see it appears that doth lady protests too much or more correctly “because those women aren’t saying the things I approve I therefore come to the conclusion that they’re nothing more than stooges for the patriarchy”. You know when feminism has lost relevancy when one of the leading figures cannot accept that maybe women are individuals and god forbid they might have differing opinions than her own. Doesn’t it all seem to have the same sort of overtones of a vanguardist movement where a small group of ‘self appointed intellectuals’ claimed to be the enlightened ones who will lead the ‘poor deluded women folk’ to the same enlightenment they had.

Just signed up to the /r/judaism subreddit and I have to admit I should get my act together and attend services given that I really don’t a good excuse given that the service starts at 10:30am so even if I get out of bed at 9am (thus giving me a good 8-9 hours sleep) I could attend without too many problems – the scooter making transportation all the more easier. This week I won’t be able to make that change because I actually have a legitimate reason – thursday night I’m doing a close then Friday night I’ve got an overnight shift (10pm to 7am). I’ve been so wrapped up with work, work and more work that I neglected the spiritual dimension to my life – part of the ‘life transformation’ I started off with gradually losing weight is getting some focus back in my life and perspective on where I am going in my life. As my old man would say about having a balanced life, “spiritual, intellectual and physical” – healthy, education and having a spiritual aspect.

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