Well that was interesting: Falling frames and more

The picture that hangs on the wall just as you wall into the office fell off the wall or more correctly fell to pieces – I can’t help but get the impression that the way it was designed was for it to be orientated more like how I’ve hung the other picture in my bedroom. What ever the case maybe I’ll have a look at The Warehouse on Monday/Tuesday to see what the cost of a new frame is – I could get a custom frame made but the last time i did it the cost was around $120 per picture which I really don’t have behind the sofa unfortunately. I’ll just stick with the basic black frame as to ensure that the frame doesn’t take way from the content inside the frame itself – but then again I tend to like keeping things simple, devoid of unneeded ornamentation.

I like to hang out on ‘Tumblr in Action’ on Reddit and I always find it funny how people blame their childhood for gender expectations that resulted in their ability to get ahead later on in life. What gets to me is that it denies autonomy to the individual to take charge of their life and make changes to re-craft who they are as a person – if you know that how you are today is the result of conditioning then doesn’t it stand to reason that you can make changes and step out from the shadow of your parents to define yourself in the image that you wish to live up to. Honestly, at some point you actually have to take responsibility for choices you make in life – whining about your parents, your upbringing etc. only works for so long but eventually people will start asking why you haven’t moved beyond that point.

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