Random thoughts

Going to hold off on that video till next Monday/Tuesday – just not really in the mood to create a video especially with my schedule now all topsy-turvy with the shifts now moved to closed so unfortunately it has been pushed further back.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle made about a young gentleman who was told that he had to get a hair cut because his hairstyle was unacceptable. One thing to remember is this (based on my experience as a manager) is that you’re only ever singled out for ’special treatment’ because of something unrelated. For example, if you turn up 20 minutes late to work and are unshaven then the boss is going to notice every single imperfection however if you turn up on time or even ten minutes early you’ll fly below the radar and unless your boss is in a really grumpy mood he won’t notice that you maybe a little scruffy for work. Now apply the same logic at school – most teachers have better things to worry about than someones haircut so it is almost a certainty that the ‘haircut’ matter is merely the tip of a larger iceberg and from what I understand he isn’t exactly a model student by any stretch of the imagination.

As I’ve tried to explain to teenagers – if you wear your uniform properly, clean shaven, polite to the teachers and do your work then when it comes to indiscretions such as having a smoke behind the abandoned class block on the other side of the field you’ll find that teachers will choose to look the other way. If on the other hand you behave like a dickhead, don’t wear your uniform properly and pretty much become a pain in the ass for the teacher then you’ll find that your name will be associated with everything bad – when something has happened your name will the first on the list of “obviously he must be involved somewhere”. Same can be applied to girls as well.

Work was ok today – found at 11am that I wasn’t going to do the mid-shift so I savoured the opportunity to sleep in till 2pm although the sleep was interrupted which made it not as enjoyed than if I slept right through till 2pm. It is funny how these days it is the simpler things that I find enjoyable; relaxing at home on my day off, sleeping in and having a lazy brunch and spending time with the family. Making progressing in all areas – focusing on calorie intake, keeping off the fatty food and if everything goes according to plan I’ll be losing 0.5-1kg per week which is doable. Hopefully by the end of this year I’ll be half way to my goal of eventually 95kg.

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