Delays and other stuff

If anyone was wondering where the latest instalment of ‘Technology in Review’ – I recorded an episode then, as what usually happens, two new previews were seeded by Apple (OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.0) resulting in me going to re-record the video again because there have been some interesting additions being made. It appears that progress is gradually being made bit by bit so hopefully when OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.0 hopefully we’ll also be graced with the usual updates to Pages, Keynote, Numbers and maybe even Compressor is dragged kicking and screaming into the world of 64bitness rather than the crappy half baked situation of today where a $20 front end to ffmpeg combined with a 64bit build of ffmpeg which produces a superior h264 output quality and speed.

Just reading through Macrumors and god help me that forum is a cesspit whose on only equal is that of would be the YouTube comments section with 9to5 Mac being places a pretty close 2nd place after seeing of the more stupid shit being posted. Oh, and anyone saying, “lol! just trolling” – please, go fuck yourself, honestly, I come to a forum to read some news and maybe some comments about the positives and negatives of a particular choice Apple has made, not the idiotic rambling of mouth breathing morons who’ve just learned how to use their web browser. That is what I hate about forums these days – never anything insightful but rather idiots spouting opinions as if they were fact and when you point out how full of shit they are (of course, in a polite way) their reaction is as though you had just punched their mother. It appears that almost every passing day is resulting in fewer and fewer websites that are worth actually visiting. Mac Surfer is a good news aggregator, I read the articles linked off that but when it comes to discussion I prefer Arstechnica and Reddit which tend to kill off the dopes pretty quickly.

On better news, work was great and and I paid all my bills – the joy of getting paid, paying all the bills then looking at what remains; oh well I’m sure as debt is paid down by the end it’ll fee up more cash for a trip or something in the future worth saving up for because goodness knows I have 6 weeks of holiday and 7 if you include the lieu days I’ve accrued when working.

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