Bored shitless yet another day to go

Absolutely board shitless at work today so we closed up early to save labour – I guess it is pretty damn cold these days with most either not going out for a night on the town (thus fewer people coming back via the train and picking something up) and probably people staying in to eat rather than going out and picking something up through drive thru. Cleaned up the store and closed early which ended up saving the store 6 hours worth of labour which will go to improving the over all labour performance for the store.

Diet is going well – just making the changes gradually. The first thing I did was stop eating fried food which was easy enough given that I can get grilled chicken at work. I then reduced the carbs/calories by having flat bread instead of a bun. I then took the next step and removed sweets from my diet – and when I mean by sweets I’m talking about chocolate, lollies etc. I still have the occasional desert but it’ll be something like yoghurt or a vanilla custard which don’t have a tonne of sugar which ends up throwing out ones metabolism (something I found, if I eat sweets then I end up getting really hungry which ends up me eating more food than I need on top of the already 800 or so calories I consumed when I had the sweets). It is almost two weeks and I’m feeling better already – getting to sleep easier, some of my shirts are looser and over all I’m feeling better. Oh well, as my old man says, little by little – day by day.

2 thoughts on “Bored shitless yet another day to go

  1. Excellent progress with your nutrition – your old man is right, little by little. I did the same thing back in 2010, pretty much what you are doing – I concentrated on good, whole foods (meat, veg, healthy fats – mostly in the meat, or eggs – little to no bread, and little to no sugar).

    I lost about 70 pounds in 10 months – it started slowly and then accelerated as my body adjusted.

    Everyone is different, but just stick to it and be patient – let your clothes tell you that you’re going in the right direction.

    1. The good side is that my shirt is looser along with the reflective coat – I can now get to sleep at a reasonable time because I’m not chocked full of sugar after work. On my days off I’ve disciplined myself not to go out and get junk food, focusing on having a structured meal plan and it definitely has paid dividends. With that being said unlike in the past I haven’t taken everything out of my life that I enjoy buy rather moderating things out – nothing wrong with a treat as long as it is within proportion; a flat white coffee with a cinnamon and sugar doughnut? sure. A bag of chips and 2 blocks of chocolate? no way lol. Just got to remained focused – I lost the weight last time and was down to 95kgs which gave me a 35inch waist so I know it is possible. The biggest contributor to me gaining wait was pizza and poor eating whilst at university (overnighters finishing off essays where I’d have extra strong coffee and super dark chocolate cookie time cookies) so I’ve definitely remembered what to avoid this time around lol.

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