They keep reminding me why I left those places

I occasionally pop in to just to remind myself why I don’t go there any more; a gold mine filled with stupidity only matched by the comments found in the YouTube comment section or on Tumblr. Lets take a read through the HFS+ thread ( link ) where every armchair software and hardware engineer come out to join in the HFS+ bashing and the ZFS/BTRFS circle jerk with people post shit about both file systems but having never actually used either one first hand. ZFS is a great file system as so long as you have a shit tonne of memory and processing power to throw at the problem otherwise it is a painful experience to use it for anything other than ‘big iron’. Why? because it relies on using large amounts of memory to cache and boost performance which is cool beans when it comes to a massive machine like a Sun Fire 6800 or a Sun Server X4-8 but it’ll suck like rocks trying to work on a MacBook Air with 4GB of memory and don’t even dream about trying it on anything less than that. It just isn’t workable in the real world.

Then there is BTRFS that comes off as the ‘poor man’s ZFS’ which is still experimental – sure, I love taking risks and having fun but putting my valuable data on an experimental file system that is still in development isn’t something I’m going to risk. Sure, there ‘living life on the edge’ and then there is being just plain stupid – I tend to avoid the later. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure they’re working very hard on it but it is still work in progress which is the reason why Red Hat decided to go with XFS when it came to their next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – do you go with experimental and unstable or do you go with a file system that is tried and tested that clients will feel secure knowing they’ve got their data stored on something that has a good track record.

Regarding HFS+ – I don’t think there is anyone who would claim that it is some sort of magical and perfect file system but it is important not to resort to complete and utter bullshit when making ones case. Does HFS+ have its flaws? sure. Is Apple working on some sort of plan to improve or replace it? if Core Storage is anything to go by I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing new HFS+ features being added to Core Storage as to ensure that those applications which rely on HFS+ being there keep working. I know for the arm chair engineers they think that massive changes can magically occur overnight but that simply isn’t the case – oh, and btw, ReFS still is lacking a shit tonne of features and probably won’t be bootable for at least 1-2 more releases. Maybe if Apple were to release a replacement they would prefer to be a complete drop in replacement rather than something that is half finished.

On the heels of clearing out all the crap from my WordPress and Twitter account I finally bit the bullet and killed off my Google+ and YouTube account – the last contact I had with idiots on the internet quickly coming to an end as a I realised that the only thing my YouTube channel gave me is anger and frustration at the number of idiots out there with an internet connection. Why keep something around that is nothing less than a giant PITA that gives more grief than joy. When I started out making videos on YouTube it was “hey, I can make videos and speak my mind” then one quickly finds that having a presence on a festering sore like YouTube attracts the sort of people you’d rather not have contact with. Once I got rid of that I’m a whole lot happier and even more so as I’ve been avoiding Neowin and Mac Rumors given the nitwits who hang out there – sure Reddit has its issues but it is compartmentalised so the shit doesn’t spill over and most of the smaller subreddits tend to get their house in order so the experience is fun rather than having to wait through six feet of shit just to get to the one diamond of a comment that exists.

On a good side though Apple has released another 10.9.4 seed which addresses an OpenGL issue that appeared in 10.9.3 but interesting enough that issue didn’t rear its ugly head in either Motion, Compressor or Final Cut Pro X which kind of re-enforces Apple warning developers not to use certain API’s – if something is marked ‘staged’ it is done so for a reason and not because Apple engineers want to make life difficult for third party developers. Hopefully we’ll see 10.9.4 released in the next month or so and Apple take their time with Yosemite.

4 thoughts on “They keep reminding me why I left those places

  1. I cannot agree more with you – I saw that same “article” on OSNews and the ensuing stupidity-fest in the comments… I can’t even remember my password for the site and have no desire to reset it.

    Google+ (which was for a time my primary online hangout) has completely transformed into an echo chamber of mindless fandroids and haters of “all things not Google”, or maybe I need new friends on there, but to be honest I’m not willing to spend the time to find out, so I think I’ll just make a new Circle of a handful of people I like and cull the rest.

    I’ve spent a lot of time away from it and to be honest I haven’t missed it.

    I have half a mind to just kill it entirely, leave one last post with my forwarding email (not a Gmail account) and a statement that I’ll be shuttering it in 30 days.

    I expect I’ll likely do that in the fall when I pick up an iPhone 6 (or whatever they call it).

    1. What held me off from getting rid of Google+ is that I thought I’d lose the ability to chat to friends via their Gtalk but you can delete it whilst keeping Gmail and Gtalk.

      You’re not missing out on anything – I made one comment on after 8 months of not posting anything (it was in reply to the WWDC 2014 keynote) and having read the posts that were made and who had their post up voted it reminds me why I left the place. Bash Apple you get an automatic up vote along with a series of replies with each poster jerking each other off over how much Apple sucks and of course with the obligatory ‘people only buy Apple products for status/appearance rather than functionality’ along with a splattering of people talking about how expensive a Mac is compared to their super-duper turbo deluxe custom built computer that operates as a heater for the room as well.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the iPhone 6 but to be honest I’m waiting for LTE APT 700MHz to be deployed in NZ along with the eventual hardware appearing on the scene although from what I understand the major players (Vodafone and Telecom) are going to make greater use of higher frequency cell sites that can be quickly deployed on lamp posts etc. which have higher capacity and the ability to offer more capacity to end users (since NZ is pretty densely population with most NZ’ders living in either Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin) which will address the rising data use demands. Telecom are using a mixture of hardware from Huawei for their 4G and another provider for their 3G where as Vodafone uses Nokia for their their whole network – IIRC the smaller player 2 Degrees use Huawei as well (mainly because Huawei give generous lines of credit).

      On a good side though the Drobo 5D is working wonderfully – got it hooked up to my Thunderbolt port and getting great speeds; feel a lot more secure knowing that I’ve got that redundancy built in.

      1. Good to know that Google+ doesn’t hook that deeply into Gmail & Gtalk, since I don’t want to lose contact with the folks I have on there – it is only a handful, but I’ve switched my email address once in the past and even after letting folks know the new address, I still missed quite a few messages.

        I still want to get a NAS myself – my backup solution works well enough now, but something a little more dedicated and a little less “patched together by yours truly” would be nice.

  2. @Brett Legree

    I’ve definitely been happy with my iCloud given that it works well with the Apple software provided (Mail App etc) where as Gmail have extended IMAP which results in the sort of quirkiness that many end users complain about. Sure, 5GB isn’t that much but given their announcement of having an extra 20GB of space for $12 a year I’m sure I can shell out for that extra space if and when I require it some time in the future.

    The Drobo 5N isn’t too bad – from what I have heard it is an improvement over the old version but it definitely isn’t a speed demon from what I understand. I have looked at alternative brands but the problem that always comes back is that the management software isn’t always as good or there isn’t that attention to detail especially when it comes to addressing incompatibilities with OS X/Mac’s in a timely manner. I have to admit though if I was tempted to get a NAS I would probably go with something like a AMD CPU built into a micro-ATX board and then use a FreeBSD NAS operating system.

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