Another birthday and another year older and more

Chilling at home after having a nice dinner with my folks – roast chicken dinner, kumera, potatoes, gravy and a very delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing. My brother shouted me a an awesome tasting Apple Cider from a company called ‘Rekorderlig’ from Sweden:


I have to admit I’m a bit cider fan ever since I gave it a try over 5 years ago when I was living down in Christchurch. Very tasty and a great way to round a great day which will be then followed by the WWDC 2014 keynote which will start at 5:00am. I wish it were a little later so then I could go to sleep, wake up, grab some breakfast from McDonalds then come back to watch it whilst having breakfast.

Just saw on CNBC that apparently Broadcom is looking to sell off its baseband business (cellular modem) which would be interesting if Apple went out and bought the baseband business and then integrate it into their SOC design – it definitely would make sense particularly with Apple wanting to maximise efficiency which would require them to have control over more components and design the ‘whole widget’. This kind of feeds into the whole narrative that seem to have done the rounds recently about Apple making another CPU architecture transition from x86 to ARM64 so then in the long term Apple has a single architectural core that scales from their phone to tablet and up to the meanest grunty Mac Pro workstation.Then add to that the work they’ve been doing with LLVM in particular around optimisation, the harmonisation and optimisation of OS X so that everything below the interface and above the kernel is pretty much identical especially when you consider that over the last several releases the last vestiges of Carbon are being killed off suck as in Mavericks and Mountain Lion where QuickTime and QtKit was replaced with AV Foundation and AV Kit plus numerous other cool things. Can’t wait till WWDC 2014 starts and get a glimpse into the future of the OS X and iOS platforms.

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