Random update

1) Looking at getting a Drobo 5D plus five 2TB hard disks to give me a juicy 10TB worth of storage minus the redundancy that’ll be built into the RAID. Since it is a rather big purchase I’ve been comprising Drobo compared to Lacie, Pegasus2 and other RAID thunderbolt options and Drobo comes out on top when one considers the multitude of different considerations such as software support, features, speed, reliability,  Although the price is high it can’t be compared to the price I’d end up paying if my current hard disk ends up dying (it is a basic single disk USB external drive) I’d sooner have that ‘insurance policy’ just incase shit happens and with a three year warranty I’m one happy lad.

2) Apple has finally released 10.9.3 update along with 11.2.1 which brings back local synchronisation for calendars and contacts that many cloud sceptics have been clambering for. Going to clean things up once my Drobo arrives and get everything backed up nicely. Everything seems to be running a lot smoother – Mail and Safari are two major applications that have been updated and from what I understand Safari 7.0.4 is in the works right now and it’ll be interesting to see whether we’ll see Safari updated with the new LLVM based JavaScript either as part of the next version of OS X or maybe as an update shortly after release.

3) I’ll be uploading the ‘Technology in review’ tomorrow – as they say, “watch this space”.

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