Apple putting LLVM to good use in Safari

What I love hearing from the anti-Apple echo-chamber circle-jerk that almost seems to permeate through so many ‘technology’ websites (I put in quotations because these websites have been now casualised by mouth breathing shit kickers akin to the ‘Eternal September’ of the USENET world resulting in low grade posts from idiots spouting off shit they heard from their friend who is ‘good with computers’) when in reality a little focus on following Webkit, LLVM, and numerous other websites give a great insight into what Apple is doing. For example, right now Apple is working on the next generation of JIT JavaScript technology ( link ) which should translate into faster web apps especially as the use of javascript for more sophisticated applications becomes a more common place.

Just reading over at the usual suspects posting about how ‘Windows Vista sucks’ and how ‘it is the root of all evil’ and ‘Windows 8 is just like Windows Vista’ whilst these knuckle draggers ignore the obvious – without these releases there would be no basis on which to build the operating systems they love. It reminds me way back with Windows 2000 and how Windows NT 4 was released August 1996 and Windows 2000 was launched February 2000 yet no one ever bad mouthed it, in fact I remember when Windows XP came out we had people claiming that ‘Windows 2000 will be the last Microsoft operating system I’ll use’ and ‘activation sucks’ and ‘Windows XP is just Windows 2000 with a fisher price GUI’ yet we had diehards holding onto Windows XP to the last days (and even then Windows XP only become remotely secure once service pack 2 was released because prior to that it was a security hole nightmare). Without the changes bought in Windows Vista such as WDDM and so on then there would never have been Windows 7 and the same will be said With Windows 8 once Windows 8.2 is released and universal applications are the norm. Lets see what happens when Windows 8.2 is released and I’m sure we’ll hear the same cycle – the well known sound of the back peddle going at full tilt.

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