Another interesting thing I found

I couldn’t work out why my scooter is so zippy when compared to my old one – sure, the limiter has an impact but my Paggio Zip 50 2T motor had a max output of 2.4Kw (6500rpm) where as the Aprilia SR Motard 50 motor has a max output of 3.4 KW (9,500rpm). Going up Ngauranga Gorge I can maintain 30kmph which is pretty damn good for such a steep incline and on the flat I can get up to 65-70km/h. I’ll be ringing up the learner licence instructor to see what the requirement is for the scooter – working towards getting a learners motorcycle licence then eventually a restricted followed by a full licence. It seems to be a lot less hassle and a lot more focus on getting those practical skills nailed down rather than being a revenue generating exercise as I have observed with the car driver licence.

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