Putting my dear scooter to rest

It appears that my old reliable Piaggio ZIP 50 2T has died the death that so many vehicles have experienced – the cost of repair and the possibility of future problems arising outweighed just simply going out and buying a new one. On the 20 May 2012 I picked up my scooter from Red Baron Motorcyles ( link ) and over a period of two years I road it over 11,000km with a good portion of that really flogging it by going up over to Masterton which is a 80km journey with a good portion of it going up hills – basically I was running it pretty damn hard when considering that a big guy on 50cc scooter going up a steep incline is a recipe for disaster long term. I probably also didn’t give it the sort of TLC in terms of maintenance and really I only have myself to blame but with that being said I doubt I would have been able to stretch it further since coming off it two in my time owning it.

Oh well, off to sleep I go then off to head into Wellington to pick up my scooter.

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