A trip down memory lane

I love going back over forum posts I’ve made especially when it comes to dealing with blow hards who try and make outrageous claims akin to the ‘end of the world is near’. A good example of that would be osnews.com and its benevolent dictator aka Thom and his claims regarding ‘the end of freedom as we know it’ ( link ) is dismissive  when it comes to the rumours of Windows possibly being turned into a subscription product. So lets get this straight – Apple offer higher security by offering three levels of security (app store apps, app store and signed apps, and allow any apps to run) and apparently that becomes the thin end of the wedge but the history of Microsoft kludging towards subscription it is dismissed by the hysteria queen himself ( link ). Dafuq? is it possible to have some consistency or at the very least an admission that maybe an overreaction was unfounded? Btw, I’m no fan of subscription software but when it comes to the operating system itself it is a no go area but I’m always amazed how there is this double standard that when it comes to conspiracy theories it seems that with Apple and their products/services the sky is the limit but if similar conspiracies were applied to Microsoft then apparently the person saying such things is considered a ‘nut’ and ill-informed’. Le sigh.

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