Random thoughts

1) Interesting to see what a change at Microsoft has bought to their position in the eyes of so many Microsoft fans who were turned off by what was served up in the form of Windows 8. With the release of Windows 8.1, then update 1 along with the sneak peak into the next update it appears that Microsoft is learning something that Apple pointed out earlier on – don’t try to push one interface on multiple devices and expect people to be happy with the end result. Are universal applications the be-all and end-all? no but their movement back to creating a start menu and windowed ModernUI applications go along way to admit that maybe touch isn’t the be-all and end all in every situation – that maybe in some situations that the keyboard and mouse are the best option even if it isn’t ‘trendy’ or ‘hip’ or ‘cool’.

2) WWDC 2014 this year was put into a lottery and those selected were given the ability to purchase a ticket. For me I’m neither here no there (nor do I have enough money anyway) so I’ll be sitting at home in the comfort of my own bed watching the WWDC 2014 keynote via the internet at the low, low price of $0. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds – I do hope that they spend 10.10 (or what ever they call it) as a time to clean things up especially when it comes to SMB2 which has been troublesome for some many end users.

3) Work has been going great, just received the latest P&L statement through and our GP was good for the month and over all profit was healthy so hopefully if we stayed focused we’ll get a good result for the year this year.

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