Update on some things

1) Apologies about the lack of a ‘Technology in Review’ video for this week – nothing really much has happened and I’d like to hold off till 10.9.3 is released along with a few other things occurring at least in NZ before making a video. I could have rambled on about the new Office for iPad but I don’t think the video would have been all that interesting so I thought I might as well hold off.

2) Work this week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday but I’m fearful that I’ll need to work longer on Sunday morning assuming there is no chance to get a manager to do an opening shift (man will I be completed buggered by the end of that shift!).

3) End of the month was good – I don’t think our GP will be as high as February but the waste wasn’t too bad over all so hopefully we’ll be all good for the month.

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