Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

Just reading through some interesting news and I’ll just throw it out here as a list of things:

1) There has been a return of local synchronisation in reference to contacts, calendaring etc. with the latest beta seed of iTunes and OS X 10.9.3 which have just been released to employees to test themselves – I assume employees able to take it home and test it out on their own computer. I guess that amongst the many 9 to 5’ers that there are some tech enthusiasts who are more than happy to do some testing themselves as well (I know I would).

2) Huawei has corrected, as it should have ages ago, all those idiots who went around claiming that they would release a dual boot phone. Honestly, when are these so-called journalists actually going to quote what representatives say instead of sitting in a press conference whilst second guessing and read into every line said about there being some hidden message behind it all – “oh, he said this but reading between the lines he actually said….” because God help me if I see more of this. Anyone remember the crap put out by one website claiming that Steve Woz said something when in actual fact he never said anything of the sort – you know, the whole ‘Apple will make an Android phone” when what he actually said is that Apple COULD make an Android phone, that is, could meaning ‘they have the potential’, but wouldn’t because there is no need for Apple to embrace Android. Honestly, some of these so-called journalists need to take a class on English and what the words actually mean – btw, tolerance doesn’t equal acceptance.

3) Yet another day and another idiot releases another biography on what is supposedly happening behind the scenes at Apple – honestly, is that the 21st century way of making a quick buck; write a book about a high profile company, fill it with bullshit then get enough stupid websites like Forbes to provide a platform on which the book can be marketed? who would have thought that making a quick buck these days merely requires a good imagination and the willingness to sell ones integrity.

4) I’ve decided to take the train to and from work on Friday/Saturday as to avoid the drunk drivers when going to work and the fact that when I go home from work that I’m incredibly tired and probably not in the best state to actually be driving. $21 gives me three days of unlimited travel on the train but I think it is a small price to pay as to ensure that arrive to work and back home safely without having to dodge the usual nitwits. In the mean time I’m looking at getting myself a hi-viz jacket which will be more visible especially on rainy days. Just having a check there and I can pick one up for $104.95 so I’ll probably wait till next pay day then go off and buy one.

5) Gah, tax returns – lots of fun. Why can’t I just submit it on line 😦

6) Microsoft and FBI have gone after a code leaker but that wasn’t the interesting part – what I find interesting is how when Apple went after Think Secret many years ago we ended up with the dipsticks over at Neowin, Arstechnica whinging, whining and claiming that Steve Jobs was worse than Hitler because he was trying to crush freedom of speech and yet when Microsoft does the same thing we hear nothing but silence from those very people who whined about Apple. Honestly, is it too much to ask for some consistency when it comes to getting outraged?

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