Making progress, day by day

1) Gradually paying down bills with the goal to get all the loose ends tied up by the middle of this year. Things are looking good so far – the old situation of eating away at something piece by piece rather than trying to get it all cleaned off in one go. The loan with my parents is gradually being paid down and hopefully I can get it paid off by the end of this year which will free up more cash each year. As much as I’d like to get myself a 125/150cc scooter ASAP at the same time I’d sooner pay down my debt before taking on new debt.

2) Work is going well – lots of movement and hopefully with the minimum wage going up to $14.25 on 1 April so hopefully that’ll translate into a pay increase for me as well but if nothing happens I’ll talk to my area manager and find out. I don’t expect to be rich but it would be nice to receive a modest pay increase given that been here for 3 years and all the customers I serve have survived – which is a good sign.

3) The Warehouse now have a bigger range of picture frames which should mean that I can finally get those last two prints framed although I’d prefer to get the larger version of “Repast of the Lion’ but that’ll set me back NZ$230 or so from All Posters not to mention the cost of having to get it framed would cost a pretty penny. Oh well, maybe with good fortune I’ll get it in the second half of the year and I’ll give my dad the smaller version for his office.

4) Updated the look and feel of my blog to the ‘Twenty Fourteen’ theme and the banner at the top is a Joan Miro painting which I enjoy purely on the basis of it being colourful – yes, art can be appreciated based on it being pretty rather than an elongated wankfest that many seem to engage in when discussing art.

5) Scooter is going well – the fixing up of the muffler has quietened things up a bit and the replacement of the filter has meant things sound a little smoother than they used to. Although I have to admit I am tempted to give the Unleaded 98 a go to see whether it makes a difference in terms of smoother idling.

2 thoughts on “Making progress, day by day

  1. Glad to hear that things are going well – the new blog theme and the banner look GREAT by the way, it looks very fresh.

    Give the 98 a try, it can’t hurt. I used to drive a VW GTI over here in Canada, and while the driver’s guide said that you could use 87 in a pinch (yes, they sell that here) 91 was recommended.

    I on the other hand always put 97 in it, there is one petrol chain here that carries it, and the car ran like a top, with better mileage to boot. Not surprising for a turbocharged car.

    1. True, there is a BP close near by and I’ll give that a go but strange enough it appears that Mobile has now made things more confusing by calling their petrol Synergy followed by some number that makes little or no sense – had to check out the website to work out what on earth the Synergy 8000, 5000 and 1000 mean in terms of RON. Now I know that Synergy 8000 means minimum of 97.5 RON I’ll check that out given it is pretty close (around 1.3km from my house – opposite the hospital).

      Oh well, on a good side work wasn’t too bad tonight – finally got out on at reasonable hour rather than the 3am on Wednesday which mean didn’t get home until 4am and then to sleep at 5am. On a good side hopefully with the increase in the minimum wage my pay will go up as well – I’d be ok if it only went up 50cents to be perfectly blunt although a $1 per hour increase would be nice (but probably unrealistic) lol.

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