Iranian Islamic Revolution 30 years on

I’ve just finished watching the ‘Inside Story’ from Al Jazeera ( link ) and I was expecting the worst from the mouth piece for the regime out of Iran but I hoped for the best – you never know, hope springs eternal as they say. Mohammad Marandi was the representative for the status quo and throughout the whole interview it was a mixture of diversion, buck passing and plain historical inaccuracies but I’m sure we’ll have some dopey viewers go, “well, he is a professor at a university so he can’t be full of it!”. End of the day it is perfectly understandable to take an approach of wishing to be self sufficient, to ensure that the natural resources of a country are used for the benefit of the people of that particular country rather than enriching multinationals but equally it is complete nonsense to use such noble goals to hide the real reality of the Iranian regime – a system that enriches megalomaniacs that use a toxic brew of nationalism and religion to further their goals and justifying the discrimination and execution of those whom the regime considered ‘undesirables’ (LGBT, progressives, women, liberal secular people and so on). No one is arguing against the need for independence and ability for a country to forge its own path but don’t try to use that as a smoke screen to execute and discriminate against people that you posthumously brand as ‘traitors’, ‘spy’s’, ‘importing decadent western values’ and so on – to claim as the Iranian regime has done that every single one of the 4,000 LGBT persons they’ve executed over 35 years has been a ‘rapist’ or ‘robber’ requires the sort of ‘leap of faith’ that even as I (as a believer) are unwilling to make.

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