More loose ends tied up

For those who don’t know I recently closed down my Facebook account but I thought about doing the same in regards to my YouTube account – I decided to keep it for the sake of age verification but I’ve decided to delete all my videos off there. Honestly, I’m at the stage right now I’m so far over giving a crap about the ‘debates’ and ‘arguments’ that it isn’t worth my while even bothering to upload any videos other than once a week creating a technology in review episode for my Vimeo channel. As time goes on I really care less and less about trying to convince a dumb-arse that they’re a just that – a dumb-arse. Why get myself stressed with idiots? I guess it is like slowing down to look at a car crash – you know the sight isn’t going to be pretty but you do it anyway. Well having had a share of rubber necking at the car crash they eventually start to all look the same to the point now I wonder why I even kept doing it.

Oh well, here is a wise quotation: “If being an alcoholic means being addicted to alcohol does being catholic mean being addicted to cats?”

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