Random thoughts

Just going through my iMac settings and just realised that Power Nap is available on my iMac – I thought you had to have a SSD drive but it appears that isn’t the case. Not that I’ll be using it but I was surprised none the less.

Just built my dream iMac and I have to admit the SSD options are tempting but given what I see coming around the corner I’d sooner hold off for the next generation of solid state storage. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future as less moving parts in a computer should mean less likelihood of faults emerging and longer usable life. Maybe if I win the lotto I’ll go all out and buy a Mac Pro – in my dreams of course lol.

Got work today at 10pm and finishing at 7am but I’ll head around to my parents for dinner with my brother as my parents are up north moving things into my Nanas new house (moved down from Kerikeri to Orewa). The move has been a good thing given that Kerikeri has gradually become more trashy as the far north seems to have crept down further south but on a good side Orewa is expensive enough that undesirable elements would never be able to afford a place anywhere near the area.

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