Interesting stuff on my journeys

Just getting myself up to speed on the whole h265/HEVC and it appears that there is a h265 compressor in development as we speak (I assumed that there wasn’t much interest in the technology yet) known as x265 which is developed by the a group of developers from various commercial organisations. It will be interesting to see how widespread the adoption actually is by the time the compressor is ready to ship. Having had a read of the wikipedia page it appears that they’re probably reusing a lot of code from h264 as to avoid duplication what has already be implemented and tested. With that being said I wonder when we’ll see h265 supported by Apple because there is the potential with better compression that it could become quite the thing to start using for html5 based video if it means that gigabytes worth of bandwidth can be saved by shifting formats.

Just checking out LLVM and I’m excited at the changes that are in development with LLVM being just around the corner – specifically how that’ll impact upon end users by virtue of how it impacts upon developers. The libc++ library for example which is built from the ground up to use the latest technology resulting in performance improvements over the old GNU libc++ library. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next versions of OS X particularly when it comes to developer tools and making them sophisticated enough that it’ll make developing for OS X and iOS all that more easier.

OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL were released July 2013 which hopefully might mean that when the successor to OS X appears that we’ll see both of those appear and drag OS X up to speed when it comes to performance and capabilities that games and graphics developers want which will be particularly important when it comes to software being made available to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of the new Mac Pro. It’ll be interesting to see whether Adobe finally pulls finger or whether they, once again, drag their feet and do the least amount humanly possible as they milk their customer base for all they’re worth (it isn’t as though there is much of a viable alternative to Creative Suite).

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